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Reynolds' Series of Astronomical Diagrams (fourteen prints)

James Reynolds; John Emslie

James Reynolds 1876

Binding:  Hardback  |  Condition: Good  | 

Fourteen of James Reynolds' popular educational astronimcal diagrams. Intended for the lay-person these prints were both scientifically accurate and aesthetically pleasing. A collaboration between Reynolds and the artist/engraver John Emslie, these prints first started appearing in 1846, being sold in Reynolds' premises in the Strand, and were still being produced into the 20th century. Complete with a cloth folder into which they are loosely inserted. Some charts are published by J. Reynolds and others by J. Reynolds and sons, meaning some were done prior to his death in 1876 and others after, Complete with cloth folder, into which they would be loosely inserted. Contains: Chart of the heavens (with a scarce moveable horizon overlay); eclipses; Transparent Diagram of the Phases of the Moon; Diagram of Meteorology; Principle of the Sun-Dial; Methods of Ascertaining Longitude; Comets; The Seasons and the signs of the Zodiac; The Sun and Solar Phenomena; The Earth's Annual Revolution around the Sun; Methods of ascertaining Latitude; The Earth and its Atmosphere; Transparent Solar System; View of the moon and some of its principe features. Each print measures 28x23cm. The folder has lost is spine and is rubbed/marked etc. There is tanning, marking and rubbing to the edges of the prints, with spotting to some but all images and text is clear and legible. The overlay has a portion missing but still functions. Prints are good overall in a poor folder.